Your Charter Movie

Orca Media is an all-in-one media solution specialising in content creation on the water.
With a passion and enthusiasm capturing life through a lens, they have helped many
Charter and Broker agencies shine a light on their yachts through timeless imagery,
videos as well as supporting on their marketing efforts.
Founded by Callum Johns in 2021, Orca has grown exponentially in the last few years.
Having previously worked as a Superyacht deckhand, Callum’s wealth of experience
and comprehensive understanding of all facets of life onboard is a vital asset to Orca’s

From his firsthand onboard experience as well as a keen observation of a rising
demand from Captains and brokers, something quickly became evident – guests and
yachts wanted epic, expertly-crafted videos to cherish in the days and weeks to come.
Up until now however, this has often encroached upon the crew’s capacity to maintain
impeccable onboard service and eat into their hours of rest.
Enter, Your Charter Movies – a tailor-made solution that captures guests onboard
experience, giving them an invaluable parting gift from a once-in-a-lifetime charter. Be it
three days or three weeks, the team of certified professionals will record the very best
bits and create a lasting memory of their trip in a way that’s meaningful to them. Charter
videos are already common practice, but they shouldn’t detract or jeopardise your
crew’s ability to maintain high standards of service onboard or eat into their hours of

The media team can join for the duration of the charter to capture and edit the footage;
from the moment a guest steps onboard to their final day. The content captured is
edited daily to be able to finish and present a video by the final night so that guests can
look back at a snapshot of their holiday. Guest privacy requests are of high importance
and they are happy to sign NDAs or similar documentation as requested. With plenty of
experience in reading the room, the team is very capable of deciding when it’s a good
moment to capture or leave the guests to it.

Alternatively, if cabins are full, they will train and support crew from the sideline whilst
editing the footage from their state-of-the-art studio in the UK. The crew will be
responsible for capturing and uploading the daily content to our secure cloud system at
the end of each day for post- production work. The footage is then assembled producing
the guests Charter Movie ahead of their final day for the crew to share with them.
Ahead of the charter, they can chat through and recommend the best camera settings,
shots of interest and what kit to use when and also be at the end of a phone for them
with any questions they have.

This new bespoke service has already been welcomed by industry-leading yachts and
captains all over the world with only positive feedback; happy guests, a focused crew,
and repeat bookings to name just a few. One thing is clear; Your Charter Movies is
setting a new standard in luxury video experiences at sea.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team with any questions: /