Galley Careers Advice

Thinking of working in the Galley?

The position of Chef on board a yacht can be one of the most demanding and most rewarding all at the same time. Depending on the size of the vessel you may be responsible for cooking for crew or for guests, or under some circumstances, both. Keeping everyone well fed elevates moods and can determine the success of a guest/owner’s trip.

Positions, and number of Chefs in the Galley depends on the yacht size and range from Galley Hand, Crew Chef, Sous Chef and Head Chef to Chef de Partie and Pastry Chef. With department sizes ranging from one person to 10.

What is the daily routine of working in the Yacht Galley?

When entering into the industry, a strong background in high-end restaurants and formal training is welcomed, as well as a desire to produce the highest quality dishes with local, fresh produce. All of these traits can be presented to clients through sample menu plans and food photos of your work.

Roles and responsibilities within the galley can vary, primarily you will be responsible for keeping guests and crew well fed with a varied diet, taking into consideration food intolerances and preferences. As well as daily maintenance and cleaning of the galley, fridges and stores.

More senior Chef positions will also be responsible for managing accounts and budgets, provisions, orders, maintenance schedules and planning and rota’s for others within the team.


What skills would be an advantage to applicants?

A formal training as a Chef is preferred, either as an aprentice in high end restaurants or through an established training college. As well as all the common yachting qualifications required by all crew members and a willingness to get stuck in and work hard it is mandatory to hold a Food Hygiene Level II and recommended that you hold a Ships Cook Certificate – for more information on this please visit our blog page.


Career Progression and Opportunities

Career progression can be gained through moving into roles with more responsibility, such as Crew Chef to Sous Chef or Sous Chef to Head Chef after substantial experience in each role.

Otherwise, Chefs could prefer to progress in the galley by stepping up on to larger yachts, sometimes taking a step back in title but allowing the opportunity to progress into more senior roles in the future on board larger yachts. For example, a Head Chef on a 60/70m might chose to become Second Chef on a 110m motor yacht before progressing to Head Chef on board.

What qualifications do you need for each Galley role?