Interior Careers Advice

Thinking of working in the Interior?

Interior crew are those who maintain the interior of the yacht from housekeeping, laundry, and service for the principal. It is a varied and exciting environment to be in and no two days are the same.

What is the daily routine of working a Yacht Steward or Stewardess?

Being a Yacht Stewardess is a wonderful, multifaceted role that challenges you in different ways, enabling you to learn many skills and develop a fulfilling and diverse career. The responsibilities of a Yacht Stewardess vary depending on your level and the yacht size.


Responsibilities include

Service skills: Anything from basic breakfast buffet style to fine dining standard, cocktail making, wine pairing and of course how to set beautiful, creative tables for each meal. You will learn about the best crockery and cutlery to use at different times and how to present a menu to the guests after collaborating with the Head Chef. Each meal is a chance to make the guests feel special and welcome in their floating home.

Housekeeping: Stewardess’s must possess an excellent eye for detail, effective organisational skills and the ability to work quickly yet accurately under pressure. Everything will be cleaned daily, usually more than once. You will learn the best cleaning products to use for which surface, how to create beautiful beds in no time at all and maintain the standard of cleanliness that Yacht Owners expect.

Laundry: Duties include washing and drying both the guest and crew clothing, steaming, pressing or ironing any clothes that need it and ensure they are returned to the correct place. You will become a master at stain removal. Those with seamstress skills will also more than likely use these on board too.


As you progress within your career and become a senior member, additional responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • Team Management: Maintaining a harmonious, positive environment for your team and training them in areas that need practice.
  • Guest Management: Communicating effectively with the Owners and guests, almost with PA like duties.
  • Accounting and basic Budgeting: Each Head of Department will be responsible for their teams’ accounts and report these to the Purser or Captain on board.
  • Provisioning and Stock Take: Maintaining all interior stock from crew uniform to guest toiletries is a large task that requires excellent organisational skills.
  • Overall Interior Maintenance: Generally ensuring the interior is kept in excellent condition, operational procedures will be kept up to date and repair lists are maintained.


What skills would be an advantage to applicants?

  • High end Hotel Housekeeping experience
  • Fine Dining or Michelin restaurant experience
  • Private Aviation
  • First Class Aviation


Career Progression and Opportunities

Within the interior of a yacht you can expect to progress from Junior Stewardess to Senior Stewardess, to Head of Service, Head Housekeeper or Second Stewardess before securing the role of Chief Stewardess or Interior Manager.

Progression can come from internal promotions when you have proved yourself in your role on board, or you can seek them out on board new vessels.

Substantial time to gain experience should be spent in each role prior to promotions and progressions.

What qualifications do you need for each yacht interior job role?