Yotspot: When is 100% not 100%?

Yotspot is a great source of crew for us and so many log in daily which allows us to identify who is actively looking. We know it is much easier to update Yotspot than the many agencies you could be working with. This year I have had so many conversations with Captains and Crew about how Yotspot works from a job seeker’s perspective. I hope to shed some light why you match 100% to many if the jobs you apply for.

‘Why am I not getting interviews when I match 100% on Yotspot?’

The simple answer is that it is very likely that the job advert by internet wizardry (RSS feeds) was pulled across from our website with only a few words. This could simply be the word ‘Captain’. The software will have matched you as 100% due to what is set in your profile. However, the 30+ data field options in Yotspot  that can be used to refine the search have not been engaged. Thus, matching you 100% to a job advert based purely on one word.

Like any database it needs precise information to make matches. We can then log into Yotspot when the position is posted and edit these fields for the correct preferences given in the job description. Once we have edited a job that has been pulled from our site, we streamline the suitable applications based on preferences from the yacht. This is when and where you may find you are not a 100% match. We understand you may well be able to do that job or have done that job before but you do not match our given job brief. This could be due to the certification or experience requested in the job specification.

We, with Yotspot understand how frustrating this can be. To counter this we frequently post directly onto Yotspot with all requirements entered. I have had many calls with Captains saying they are one of 150 applicants for a job in 24 hours and they all cannot possibly match. Yotspot has a great function where we can ‘message all’ applicants to inform you the position is filled. This will be adopting into our practices going forward, so at least you get some feedback after applying for a position.

Often I do not post Captain jobs, I prefer to contact those in our database, whom I know and have spoken with before. It is when avenues like this are exhausted or a very unique position arises, I use job boards such as Yotspot as a secondary source of applicants.

I hope this has shed some light on the workings of Yotspot from our side and you as a job seeker.

As always if you have any questions or would like to discuss further, do get in touch.

Liam Dobbin
Managing Director

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