Yacht crew agencies & how to get the most from them

When looking for work onboard a yacht, a yacht crew recruitment agency is the place to start. Consultants can provide an invaluable service, finding the right role to suit your personality, skill set and ambition. Below is a list we’ve compiled explaining how you can be sure to get the most out of yacht crew agencies and find that role thats perfect for you.


Start by making a personal introduction (if you’re able to)

A good first impression can go a long way. Be sure that you introduce yourself in a friendly and professional manner, but most importantly, make them remember you. You can do this by either a phone call or email. Having a good rapport with your recruitment contact will encourage them to want to help you. We would all rather help someone we get along with rather than total strangers, so work with the recruiter; not against them.

Why not try the Live Chat feature on our website every Wednesday to introduce yourself to a member of our team. It’s a great opportunity to talk to one of our consultants directly and have any questions answered instantly.


Make the most of their expertise

Do you need help with a CV? Are you worried that you struggle with interviews? Ask for advice! Yacht recruiters are there to help bring the best out of people and do what they can to appropriately prepare you for your applications and interviews. Utilise your communication with recruiters and don’t be afraid to ask and learn about the tricks of the industry.


Try to develop a good relationship with just a few key Consultants, rather than registering with 20 agencies

Having a good relationship with a recruiter can benefit you now and in the future should you wish to find work elsewhere. They can be there for you throughout your career, and also help on the other side when you might need to hire crew yourself. We like to take the time to find out about our candidates, and have watched many who started out in the industry become Captains, or Heads of Departments over time. You want to find a solid few consultants that you trust and get on with. Refrain from signing up to every agency, although your inbox may be full of opportunities, a consultant you can trust will aim to find you the right fit for your personality and ability.


Be clear about how you would like them to use your CV

At the end of the day, it’s your data. If you don’t want it going out without your consent, then be sure to tell them loud and clear. Without doing so will result in your information being put forward for jobs you would never have applied for.


Make sure that they are listening to the positions you are interested in

Following on from the previous point, be clear with your recruiter on which roles and variations of roles you are interested in, the more specific you are the better. This may however limit the number of opportunities you’re put forward for. A good yacht recruitment agency should not be sending your CV to jobs which don’t match your expectations – it wastes your time, as well as the yachts’.


Once a Consultant places you, stay in touch with them once on board

It’s important to stay in contact with your consultant because if things aren’t going well, or its not what you expected, we would much rather hear from you and try to advise how you should proceed before hearing from the Captain that it’s all gone wrong, and you have left the boat. Even in instances where you feel the position isn’t the right fit, we can continue to help you through the resignation process and try again for a better fit.


Above all, if you are not getting these things, don’t feel obliged to keep using them

Sometimes finding a good yacht recruitment consultant can be easier said than done. Finding the one who works for you, and has your best interests at heart can be a difficult acquisition. However, do not feel obliged to stay with one that you’re in contact with, if it’s not working out. It is your career and you should dictate whether you feel as though your experience with a consultant is working or not. Read more on how to identify the best kind of recruiter.