What To Pack For Your First Yacht Job 

In an industry where your job is your lifestyle, your colleagues are sleeping next to you in a bunk bed and you’re dealing with some of the wealthiest VIPs in the world, there’s hardly any other career quite like this one. Your first instinct when getting ready for your first yacht crew job is probably to take EVERYTHING with you but trust us when we say that there is no quicker way to become “that person” amongst your crew mates than by clogging up the cabins with unnecessary clutter.

Every job and superyacht is different, but you’ll likely get some time to yourself when berthed in marinas and so forth, so having a choice of outfits whether it be for a casual day look to a night out is a good idea. Dress for the season and the occasion.


So, what should I pack for my first yacht job?

This is a question we get asked all the time by green crew so we thought we would make life easy for you with our go to list!

Start by choosing the lightest suitcase you can find. A hard, square-type suitcase is not going to win you any immediate friends as they are a mission for onboard storage. A collapsible bag with wheels is the way forward, so it can be easily stored on board.


The Essentials:

  • Passport
  • ALL yachting certificates (originals)
  • Drivers License/ID
  • Medication


The Basics :


  • Flip flops because no yachtie could ever live without a pair!
  • Smart shoes for going out.
  • Trainers if you fancy hitting the gym or going for a run.


  • Casual Clothes: Shorts , Jeans, T-shirts.
  • Going out outfits – Dress / Nice tops / Shirts / Formal Trousers
  • Workout clothes
  • Comfies – PJ’s/ trackies
  • Underwear
  • Swimwear

Tip: Only pack a couple of each. You will have you will have plenty of chance to buy new clothes once you get that first pay check (and also depending on the yacht will be spending a LOT of time in uniform!)


  • Toiletries (travel size) *
  • Makeup
  • Hair products / brush / elastics / bobby pins

*Once you are onboard, many of your day-to-day toiletries will be supplied. Therefore, bring small travel size versions of these to tide you over.


  • World Travel Adaptor
  • Mobile phone (be sure to do your research on the best provider for international roaming)
  • Kindle/eBook
  • Laptop/iPad
  • Camera
  • Headphones

Tip: download books or movies before you leave your strong land internet connection-you’ll be surprised at how slow the internet can be on some superyachts, and captains may also restrict your access to preserve bandwidth for the guests.

Personal Extras 

  • Sentimental photos for cabin Laptop/iPad
  • Favourite tea bags from home
  • Small portable speaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Yoga mat for all those yogis out there!