Web Chat Wednesday Q&A session

Recently at wilsonhalligan we hosted our own Web Chat Wednesday Q&A session for anyone in the yachting industry to ask the team questions about yacht recruitment, careers on-board, our favourite yachts and the current job climate due to Coronavirus. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions via our website chatbox, here are the results of the most asked questions of the day.


How hard is it going to be to find my first job this year?

Unfortunately, this has been a very unusual start to the season for recruitment and when the European lockdown started we saw many jobs put on hold or cancelled.  This is usually a time when many crew would head to Antibes / Palma in order to find their first position.  Yachts are starting to hire again, but travel restrictions are still currently in place for many and airlines are still running reduced schedules so it’s definitely still tricky to find that first role.  For those already in Antibes/Palma, it could be easier, for those who were due to fly in from further afield may be better to wait until September when hopefully things will have returned to some sort of normality.


When do you think the level of jobs will be back to normal?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have certainly seen the number of jobs increase, though of course, it is still below the level we would usually see this time of year.  If the pandemic situation continues to improve, then we are hopeful that the job numbers may return to the level we tend to see in time for the Caribbean season.  However, of course, if we see any second waves of the virus then this could affect the winter season as well and we could see job numbers down until next year perhaps.


Will there be a Mediterranean season?

If you had asked us this a few weeks ago we would probably have said no! And certainly, for some yachts they will have their summer season cancelled.  However, talking to Captains recently, many are making plans for owner visits and cruises to places such as The Balearics.  Although many charters have been pushed back to next year, equally we know of some that are still planned for July / August time, so we remain hopeful that there will be some sort of season, albeit not a standard one!


Should I go to Antibes or Palma now to dock walk?

The main thing to consider with this is the restrictions which exist in your current country.  As we speak, South Africa is still in lockdown, though there is some talk of allowing seafarers to travel this has not been confirmed.  Safety should be your main priority as well as following government advice.  If you are able to travel, are you able to find accommodation? There are many considerations and your decision should not be taken lightly.


When are you doing your CV workshop again?

Stay tuned! This was so popular, we have plans of offering another week of free workshops especially for new crew – follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!


Will you be in Antibes or Palma soon for interviewing?

At the moment we have no plans to travel to Antibes or Palma for interviewing like we usually do at the beginning of seasons.  Our teams’ health and safety is our priority so we are turning to video interviewing for many of our new candidates which we feel is the next best thing.  Follow us on social media for any future news of team trips to Antibes / Palma, we hope to return as soon as it is safe to do so.


Do you post all your jobs?

Due to the number of jobs we have in (even at the moment!), we cannot post all of our jobs online.  It’s therefore important to stay in contact with your dedicated consultant so that they can let you know of any new and exclusive jobs.


How often should I check-in?

We don’t operate a formal check-in system here at wilsonhalligan – we suggest giving your consultant a call / quick email every once a week or so to keep them updated with any changes/movements.


I am a cruise ship 3rd Engineer will I be able to transfer to yachts?

Absolutely! Our Engineering Consultant, James, has helped many engineers move across from cruise ships.  The competition is strong, so you might need to be a little patient, but if you have good longevity and references this will certainly help.  We have seen many junior engineers move across from the cruise industry and have watched them progress up to Chief on some of the largest yachts in the world – it’s great to see.


What are your 3 favourite yachts?

That is a tricky one! All of us in the office have our own favourites, but ones which often come out on top are Mayan Queen, Octopus and Ulysses.


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