Top 5 Caribbean Christmas Cocktails To Make For Your Guests

As the Caribbean season gets underway, many will be busy with guest trips for the festive period.  Are you looking for some inspiration for those Christmas cocktails?  We have undertaken the difficult task of doing some research, and have listed some of our favourite Caribbean themed tipples below.  Why not test run them on the rest of the crew first?

Winter Sidecar

The sidecar cocktail has been around for over a century, but the addition of a cinnamon rim and clementine juice make it the perfect Christmas cocktail! Between the clementine juice and the cognac, this festive drink provides a great flavour balance and is very simple to make.


Most popular around Christmas time in Trinidad and Tobago, this classic drink is perfect for the holidays and is high in Vitamin C! Made from the petals of the sepal flower, you can use both dried and fresh sorrel for this drink which can be found at any local Caribbean shop.

Jingle Juice

This big batch cocktail oozes Caribbean culture! Filled with rum, mango, pineapple and orange juice it is the perfect Caribbean/Christmas taste.

The Painkiller

Do not be fooled by the name, many have experienced the opposite effect after one too many Painkillers. Nonetheless this cocktail, originating from the British Virgin Islands, has garnered fame throughout the Caribbean for being strong yet delicious. Made using Cream of Coconut, Orange juice, Rum, and a freshly grated nutmeg garnish, the Painkiller is a great tropical Christmas cocktail.

White Christmas Mojito

Who says Mojitos are only for warm weather months? Mint is just as fitting a flavour for winter. Made with fresh Mint, Lime juice and Coconut rum, this simple to make drink is a safe bet for any festive occasion.