Choosing the Right Yacht Recruitment Agency

In recent years, the number of yacht recruitment agencies has increased substantially, so as a candidate or client, how do you decide which recruitment agency to use?

As a candidate, your initial thoughts could be to register with every single one, thinking it would increase your chances of finding a job quicker. As a Captain or Head of Department, this option may also seem appealing in a bid to receive the greatest selection of candidates. However through experience, we know this isn’t the best option for either candidates or clients. Let us explain…

Why to Avoid Registering with Every Yacht Recruitment Agency You Can Find

Candidate perspective:
For a start, it can be incredibly time consuming to register with every yacht recruitment agency out there. Also, if at the application stage, ten agencies all send your CV for one job, it can have a detrimental effect – the person hiring will not necessarily want to see the same CV 10 times, and may actually be put off by this.

Client perspective:
Having ten agencies working to try and get you one Stewardess can be a logistical nightmare – with some agencies sending ten+ CVs for such positions, (we aim to send four-five carefully selected candidates who are personally vetted for suitability and availability), you could end up with over fifty CVs on your desk overnight. You then face the task of sifting through them, finding the ones who are most relevant (some will inevitably not match your requirements, are not available etc), and will spend more of your valuable time also deciphering duplicate candidates. Then you’re tasked with the question – who sent them first, what is the etiquette?

The solution:

For the client:
We believe it works better to develop excellent relationships with just a few agencies, who understand how you work, and the type of candidates you look for, who can then ideally send you less CVs, but who more closely match exactly what you are looking for – making your life easier overall. This creates a much more productive and efficient process for all parties involved.

We pride ourselves on our honesty – on the occasions where perhaps we are struggling to find a suitable candidate, we would rather let you, the client know – you can either then expand the search, or decide to enlist the help of another agency, which of course we understand.

For the candidate:
By using a specialist recruitment agency such as wilsonhalligan, you will be assigned a personal consultant who will get to know you, your skill set and of course ambitions so they can match you with the right job to get you where you want to be in your career. By carefully putting you forward for selected positions that we believe you have a real chance of getting, you will experience a much more efficient job search experience opposed to getting multiple rejections for positions you may not have been suitable for in the first place through agencies that will simply put you forward for every job they can.

What sets us apart as a yacht recruitment agency?

Our overall approach is to be as personable as possible. With our teams’ unrivalled backgrounds and extensive first-hand experience of the industry, we have an excellent understanding of requirements for both clients and candidates, and just how satisfying a well-matched placement can be for both sides. We pride ourselves on being much more than purely a CV forwarding service. Because of our passion and enthusiasm for the industry, we are able to offer advice to both clients and candidates, whether this is help with writing a CV, or providing an insight into current salary scales for Captains.

Although not located in the yachting buzz of the South of France, we still get many visitors through the doors, which are always open, and the kettle is always on! Our team is always happy to have a chat with those new to us, or those who we have established relationships with.