Sustainable Flowers for Superyachts

Sourcing, arranging, and maintaining fresh flower decorations onboard a superyacht is a huge task for any Interior team.

Not only time-consuming and costly, but also carrying a significant environmental burden. Often seen as an effortless art from the outside, the process behind keeping fresh flowers onboard a busy yacht hides its own set of complexities.

Yachting’s leading provider of bio-preserved flowers, STILLA, based in Antibes, creates bespoke arrangements of real flowers and plants that last for a year, providing a solution not only practical, but beautiful.

An innovative approach that not only helps yacht crew by ending the struggle of daily maintenance, weekly sourcing of fresh flowers, often in different countries, but also reduces the environmental impact of flower deliveries, such as carbon emissions from regularly transporting fresh flowers globally. Also, this floral innovation reduces the floral budget of superyachts by changing weekly flower deliveries to a once-a-year purchase.

STILLA’s Approach to Bespoke Florals

Clients can personally select from a variety of flowers and designs. Each design, be it a striking centrepiece or a bouquet that transforms a cabin, is tailor-made. This ensures a seamless integration with the yacht’s design and the client’s unique vision. The process at STILLA starts with an in-depth consultation to capture each client’s specific requirements. The team collaborates closely with chief stews, interior managers or owners, providing precise sketches and ideas before the creation phase, to guarantee that the final product surpasses their expectations.

Revolutionizing Yachting with a Greener Future

By opting for sustainable flowers, superyachts significantly reduce their environmental footprint. The preservation process eliminates the need for pesticides, excessive water consumption, and transportation, making it a greener choice for onboard decor.

This approach is especially significant in yachting where fresh flowers are often disposed of after 4 to 5 days as they start wilting.

STILLA’s commitment to the environment goes beyond, with a practice of donating year-old flowers to local hospitals and care homes, thus extending their life and purpose.

Hassle-Free Beauty

For crew members, finding reliable florists in various countries, each with its own language and cultural nuances can be a huge task, This challenge is compounded by the need to coordinate multiple deliveries, often weekly, to ensure a constant supply of fresh blooms. This constant search for fresh flowers not only consumes valuable time but also adds unpredictability in quality.

Preserved flowers need no water or sunlight, requiring only light dusting every few weeks. This is perfect for the different seasons and saves the crew time, reducing workload and operational hassles, allowing them to focus on what they do best, providing excellent service to their owners and guests.

Saving your Interior Décor Budget

Traditional fresh floristry onboard yachts incurs substantial costs related to the continuous cycle of replacement and maintenance. Yacht crew often face the challenge of sourcing high-quality flowers in different ports around the world, which can vary greatly in price due to local availability and demand.

While the initial investment in sustainable floral arrangements may seem higher, their longevity translates to significant cost savings in the long run. Yachts no longer need to allocate funds for frequent replacements, maintenance, or refrigeration, making it a financially savvy choice for luxury yacht interiors.

The savings extend beyond just the financial aspect; it includes the time and resources typically devoted to the care and upkeep of traditional floral arrangements.


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