Superyacht Heli Training

With yachts getting larger and the toys and tenders becoming more extravagant, having a helicopter onboard for quicker travel arrangements is becoming increasingly common as the industry grows. The size and amount of usage that these may have is always varied from yacht to yacht, however the standards of safety to be maintained should always be of the highest priority. Therefore courses that allow for crew to understand and appreciate the risks associated with these operations and how to properly go about dealing with these aircraft in a safe manner when coordinating with a vessel is unparalleled.

At Wilsonhalligan, when we undertake recruitment on behalf of a client, understanding everything that is to be required of a candidate goes without saying. Whilst we can read what the courses entail, participating in them allows for us to gain a true appreciation for that element of the role.

Maritime Aviation were great enough to provide the opportunity for some of our staff to carry out their new MCA Heliport Safety Training course. With the recent MCA accreditation, this course provides up to date information contributing to the completion of elements including HLO, HDA, Helicopter refuelling and Carriage of dangerous goods by air. The courses contained an in depth understanding of all elements required for certification, but stood out with their vastly knowledgeable team. As an aviation inspection body, they give up to date insights into best practices utilising their experiences to generate accurate pictures and context to what went wrong or almost went wrong!

As a passion as well as work, providing the highest quality of training is of paramount importance. Therefore Maritime Aviation make use of excellent facilities in various locations including live training exercises to be able to offer hands-on experience and table-top scenarios. Whilst many consider operations such as these limited to those directly involved, Johnathan, Richard & Sam take the view that were something to go wrong the whole yacht would be involved and so also provide awareness courses for remaining crew to ensure maximum personnel safety.

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Written by Jamie Wilson