Safe Sail Vetting Services

Safe Sail provide a range of high quality Maritime Pre-Employment Vetting Services covering  screenings across a multitude of maritime industries and work closely with Yacht Management companies, Yacht Owners, Cruise Ships as well as Industrial and Commercial ships.

Wilsonhalligan caught up with Sally Byrne, Managing Director of Sail Sail to learn more…

Why was safe sail created?

The concept of Safe Sail started when the problem of low vetting standards in the maritime industry was brought to our attention. We recognised instantly the growing need for a comprehensive and reliable crew vetting service, as the industry often relied solely on basic criminal background checks and more often or not, no checks at all.

Thanks to my partners’ extensive background in risk management and investigations sector, we developed Safe Sail’s services to prioritise safety, integrity, and professionalism.

Our mission is simple: we want to raise the bar for safety and reliability. This can be achieved through our enhanced background checks and integrity assessments, ensuring all those responsible for the hiring of crew/staff, can trust that high standards of conduct and performance are achieved.

What makes your company unique?

While the concept of enhanced vetting procedures isn’t exclusive to us and is standard practise in many other sectors, Safe Sail brings a unique perspective to the maritime and private household industries.

Our approach differs to the industry’s traditional criminal background checks by incorporating comprehensive screening processes for various risk indicators, including credit/civil court checks, reference/qualification verifications, and social media analysis and online digital behavioural assessments. Compiling this level of data is not just a box ticking exercise, it provides our clients with an extensive insight into the staff they are hiring.

To complement our services output, we pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our clients to accommodate their unique requests and ensure there is a personalised approach.

Why are your services important?

Implementing the highest level of vetting standards in the maritime industry cannot be overstated. In an industry where the safety, security, and reputation of our clients are paramount, thorough vetting of crew members is essential. Dare I be bold and say they should in fact be made mandatory.

We believe Safe Sail’s services are vital in ensuring safety, compliance, and harmony both offshore and onshore. The various solutions we offer aim to mitigate risks associated with crew members, uphold integrity and compliance with laws and regulations, ensure cultural alignment, and safeguard the vessel’s reputation.

Safe Sail’s vetting procedures help prevent incidents caused by unfit crew members, promoting longevity and peace of mind for yacht owners, charter guests, and crew members.

What is the process undertaken by Safe Sail integrity team?

We’ve worked hard to ensure our process is a seamless three-step journey:  Client instruction, initiation of the vetting procedure and intelligence cycle and the report compilation and provision.

To ensure an unprecedented level of accuracy is provided in each report, they undergo a stringent quality assurance process.

How much is the service and what are your terms of engagement?

Our fees are competitive and yet structured based on the level and depth of vetting offered. We provide a simple and transparent pricing model during the initial consultation, prices of which start from as little as £250 (GBP).

It is important to us that there are no subscriptions fee nor minimum requirements. We work on an ad-hoc basis with all our clients. When needed, we are here.

How does Safe Sail ensure confidentiality and data security?

Safe Sail follows strict protocols to protect client and candidates’ information, and how this information is shared/stored. We utilise secure data storage services and we are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018.

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