Salt Lick Fitness Onboard Crew Workout

Salt Lick Fitness was established to promote and inspire yacht crew to maintain a healthy mind and body while working onboard superyachts.

The founders Tom & Christie are both personal trainers in the superyacht industry and provide vessel specific group programs for crew as well as individual programs and online coaching.

The work/wellness ratio can be quite hard to maintain. The constant changing of time zones, long hours, minimal time, space and equipment are a few challenges yacht crew face.

Wilsonhalligan have teamed up with Salt Lick Fitness to bring you a very basic full body, minimal time, zero equipment, bodyweight workout that can be done anywhere! Perfect for those busy trips!

Foundation Option;

4 x 10 (x4 Sets of x10 Repetitions) 

-Air Squats

-Alternating Reverse Lunges

-Push Ups (Knees or Feet)

-Commandos Progression

-Single Leg V ups

Intermediate Option;

4 x 12 (x4 Sets of x12 Repetitions)

-Jump Squats

-Alternating Jump Lunges

-Hands Release Push Ups


-V Ups

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