Monaco Yacht Show 2019

The spectacular Monaco Yacht Show is almost upon us again (25-28 September), and Superyachts will start filling up the beautiful Port Hercule in Monaco, along with a huge array of companies trying to sell their wares or services to the super-rich. There will be a huge number of boats on display – from 66m yachts, down to tenders, mini-submarines and all manner of amazing toys. The show is huge fun, and for many the chance to catch up with old friends in a beautiful setting. It can be massively hard work for some, or an exciting opportunity for others. The show is a different experience for everyone, and we just wanted to mention a few things that you may find helpful…

Job Finding:

We will of course be there, and very much hope to see as many of you as possible. We will be based at the MK Club, just outside the show ground and off La Rascasse. We currently have a form on our website that you can fill in to let us know that you’re coming and when. Please do contact us to arrange a meeting so that we can help you find your next position.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning a few tips about how to present yourself at the show if you are looking for work. A lot of what was covered in the previous “Dockwalking 101” post applies, but just to summarise:

Always look smart. Well cut hair, minimal jewellery and make-up, clean and simple ironed shorts, polo or T-shirt. Deck shoes or smart trainers. Men, please be clean-shaven. Make a good first impression!
Have copies of your CV with you – paper copies and on a memory stick.
Have a local phone number – get a cheap Pay-as-you-go phone so that you’re easily available for interviews.
Always smile, be polite and engage in conversation wherever possible. You never know where it might lead.
Behave! Don’t get drunk in Stars ‘n’ Bars and then try to talk to people about work. It’s also not a great idea to party until 3am every night and then look like you’ve been run over the next day.
With all that in mind, you should also be organised about how you tackle the show. Read the guide, see if there are any boats in particular attending that you’d like to work on, and do your homework. Learn about the boats as far as you can, and walk around the show taking any opportunity to talk to other crew. It might be worth noting where the Captains & Crew lounge is located within the show, as it will be filled with all the people that you need to be talking to. Access is restricted, but you never know who you might bump into just outside…

Some of the larger exhibitors (usually brokers) also hold a fabulous party on one of the evenings, and an invitation to that would certainly be a coup and a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and network. They are usually pretty exclusive affairs and you need to ensure you have the right kind of thing to wear, but it’s not unknown for people to get given tickets if you are friends with the right people.

Cool Things to Spot:

Every year, it seems companies try to out-do themselves by coming up with even more bonkers yacht toys than the year before, and many of them get rolled out for the first time at MYS. One of the most fun things to do at the show is go and see these toys in action as it is mostly possible to test-drive them, but only if you’ve got the money to buy and you pre-book. A few fun ones to see this year:

Red Shark Bike Board – basically a bike (minus wheels) on a board. Get a work out and see the coastline too!
Lift eFoil – an electric hydrofoiling surfboard that will allow you to ride for up to 25mph for about an hour.
U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 – Regulars at the show, U-Boat make top-end private subs, and the Sub 3 can dive to 300m and will allow two passengers to cruise the seabed in leather padded comfort, whilst enjoying a cold drink from the cool box and tunes from the Bluetooth sound system.
Brabus Shadow 500 Black Ops – This ninja-style tender is pretty cool looking with dark grey hull and red seats. The 9.18m can reach speeds of over 50 knots.
Radinn G2X electric jetboard – Combine surfing with jetskiing and this is what happens. Reaching speeds of up to 37mph, you can skim across the water without the need for waves!


There will be lots of small, off-shoot events happening in and around the show, so keep your eyes and ears open. Some of the yachts will be anchored outside the port, but there will certainly be lots on the docks to look around.

Do bear in mind that a lot of the eateries and bars within the showground will be expensive, so you might be well-advised to get outside the show and explore some of the side streets to find more reasonable places for lunch. Monaco is obviously a very expensive place as a standard, but you can find places that won’t break the bank if you get further from the water.

So, if you are planning to attend the show this year, please do come and see us. We hope you enjoy yourselves and have a great experience at this fantastic event.