Leaving Yachting & Moving Ashore

How do you know whether you are finally ready to make the move from ship to shore? It seems a number of yachties have left the industry a few times but keep getting drawn back to sea. It definitely isn’t an easy decision to make and there are many influencing factors.

Luke Randall, our Shoreside recruiter has been working with people within the maritime world for a number of years, many of whom have been transitioning from ship to shore. In this blog we will share the main considerations discussed with candidates when they start actively looking for shoreside positions.



One of the main factors to consider when moving ashore is where would you like to live and do you wish to plan a job search within this region? It is important you are happy where you live and if you are leaving yachts to live close to family in a certain area then this should be your priority. If you are open to ideas however this could open up a world of Shoreside opportunities for you. Most positions are often within worldwide maritime hubs, however this is not always the case. If you are wiling to relocate, you will often find a wider selection of positions you could apply to.



Remember that word? Suddenly you will be moving from a ‘tax free’ income, to a job where a large amount of your pay is deducted every month and it can be quite a change. It is important to ensure any financial implications have been considered and you are aware of the tax guidelines in the country which you are planning to live. If needed, seek professional advice from our friends over at Crew FO.


Starting over

When moving home, it is often the case when starting a new job that you will feel like you are effectively starting your career again. It may be that you are required to retrain in something completely different so it is important that you are aware of the job requirements. If however you stay in the maritime industry, it may be that you find yourself in a company where the staff have been working for a number of years and you will be the ‘junior’, even with all the experience at sea. It is important that you are happy to start over and work your way back up.



What are you reasons wanting to move ashore? Often the most common reasons we hear are starting a family, buying a home or the desire to get that pet you have always dreamed about.

We often ask my candidates to imagine what life will look like. It’s easy to visualise home life with all of the positives, but really imagine yourself on the daily commute, the cold winters and rain– would it make you question if you should go back at sea?

Once you have considered everything, give yourself a time frame and start planning! Speak to a recruiter to talk through the opportunities and benefits.

What are the benefits you will be able to look forward to when making that move ashore?



If your shoreside position is still in the maritime industry then it is likely your job will still involve travel. This could be anything from boat shows to client and yard visits. The good news is, you will have the benefit of heading straight home again afterwards.


New opportunities

Using your existing skills or starting something completely different in a new environment can be very exciting and refreshing to have a new challenge.



That Friday feeling! Having weekends, attending events, sharing birthdays and knowing you will be home for Christmas! These are all things which yachties often miss out on. Being able to commit and having a social life can certainly be a huge benefit to moving ashore.

In summary, moving from ship to shore is a huge decision involving a significant change of lifestyle. We are here to help you decide whether you are ready to make the move and support you in finding your perfect Shoreside position.

For further information and advice on Shoreside opportunities please get in touch with Luke Randall.