Important – Have You Recently Updated Your Skills or Certificates?

Have you recently upgraded your certificates or added to your skills? If so, please do let us know!

As well as the need for candidates that hold particular certifications such as Ships Cook or Navigational Watch Rating, we are also getting more and more requests for crew members that have additional knowledge and skills in certain areas.

ETO’s have you attended a Crestron Course or done Cisco Training? Deckhands have you completed onboard training such as a Yacht Rating Certificate or Heli Deck Assistant course? Do you hold Crowd and Crisis Management certificates? All of the above are highly desirable to our clients so make sure they are listed on your CV and that your recruitment consultant is aware of your skills.

Competition for the best jobs can be tough so make sure you keep your CV updated and highlight any additional skills or training you have that could make you stand out from the crowd. You can update your CV online, but you can also send us a quick email when you complete a new course or certificate and we can add the details to our database.

For more information on courses take a look at our previous blogs or speak to your specialist recruiter who will be happy to offer advice.