Liam Meets Conrad from Crew Pass

At the start of the year, you may have seen that Wilsonhalligan announced a new partnership with the crew vetting company CrewPass! While it allows crew members to stand out from the crowd when looking for new opportunities, it also has a number of advantages for the yachts we are working with…

Our Managing Director Liam Dobbin meets Conrad Empson from CrewPass to uncover some of the main benefits for vessels.

What makes CrewPass’ background checks unique?

Conrad states, “during my time in the industry, not one boat I worked on conducted a background check which surprised me as I helped chaperone the owner’s children on board. CrewPass was designed to allow crew members to easily attain a background check no matter where they came from. Crew conduct a simple sign-up process, we conduct our checks, and then we can award our Approved accreditation. CrewPass gives the employer the confidence that they are hiring someone with no criminal history.

Our checks go above and beyond what’s known as standard practice. CrewPass, first of all, perform an identity check which confirms the person is who they say they are and all the information they provide is correct. Once this information is confirmed, we perform an enhanced background check on this individual. As an added layer, we also check the Global Sanction list, which includes no-fly lists, watch lists etc. CrewPass’ main aim is to enable any employer to give confidence in who they employ with no criminal history, ensuring the safety of those on board.

How does CrewPass benefit Captains and Head of Departments?

Conrad says – “CrewPass’ background checks were designed to help Captains during employment, but I also wanted to create a platform that fixed all of the outdated procedures onboard, so this is why I created our daily operations hub.”

CrewPass has designed a crew management software that acts like a daily operations hub onboard. The app digitalises the day-to-day operations on board to bring yachting procedures into the 21st Century. Our app enables Captains and HOD’s to have their entire crew list’s information in one place whenever needed. Our app includes a digitalised crew list, an in and out board (onboard tracking in real-time), a watch rota, sea time and rest hours calendar, a professional messaging feature, and more.

The app features mentioned are completely free and accessible for all vessel accounts, meaning Captains and HOD’s can add their entire crew list to our app for zero cost, and no payment details are required.

How does the In and Out Board work?

When signing up for a vessel account, you can request a set of 2 wireless beacons which must be placed near the entrance to the vessel. Crew members will need to create an account and sign in to the CrewPass app to be added to a vessel’s crew list. Once the crew member is a part of your crew list, they can tap on and off the vessel, automatically updating the in and out board. Our onboard tracking is a great safety feature allowing Captains and HOD’s to know exactly who is on board, off the vessel and on leave and also see the exact time the updates have taken place.

What would the process for signing up the whole team be?

CrewPass has made sure the sign-up is simple and effortless. Accounts can be created on the CrewPass website in a few minutes. Vessels can either add their crew manually or share a link to automatically all crew to their crew list. Captains can easily assign and edit vessel positions and departments when adding the crew on our app. Vessel accounts can also assign admin accounts to allow HOD’s to access vessel account features.

Can vessels go to CrewPass if they require crew?

CrewPass is not an agency therefore, we do not host a job board on our software. However, we have partnered with leading crew agencies in the yachting industry who promote CrewPass accredited crew. Many of our partners have integrated CrewPass into their own systems allowing Captains and HOD’s to easily sought out CrewPass Approved crew when hiring.

What costs are involved?

CrewPass’ Superyacht Crew Management software is completely free to use. Vessel accounts, crew accounts and agency accounts are free to create and use. However, if a vessel wishes to conduct a background check on a crew member or an entire crew list, they can pay for each check to be conducted. Each crew member who undergoes a background history check, criminal record check, ID verification and passes will be awarded the CrewPass Approved accreditation, valid for 2-years.


To conduct a check on a crew member through CrewPass will cost £199 per/check.

However, Wilsonhalligan has a unique discount which will deduct 10% off your first order when you add the code: WILSONHALLIGAN10 at checkout or mention this to your CrewPass sales representative.