How To Throw The Perfect Superyacht Party

So the Owner has just told you they want to host a party on-board, but how do you ensure it’s a great success and enjoyed by those guests that have seen it all? Follow our top tips for a stress-free event…

Get Organised
If possible have a planning meeting with the principal, make sure you understand what they expect from the party and take note of any special requests. Then write a timeline including planning, shopping and preparing leading up to the actual night. Make sure you list to all the specifics to ensure you don’t miss any of the finer details.

Don’t overdo it
When faced with a short timeline don’t try to do too much. Keep things easy by simplifying. When in doubt, narrow menu choices and decorations and keep it simple. Too many options can leave the crew overwhelmed and there are a lot more chance of things going wrong with getting missed.

Be prepared
Avoid stress on the night by taking care of certain details ahead of time. If you can, set the table earlier in the day or at least have everything ready to go, put platters and serving cutlery in the galley, polish silver and make sure your glasses are sparkling. Set up your bar, prepare garnishes, make sure drinks are chilled and that you have plenty of ice.

Get some help
No matter what size the party it is good to have help. If possible ask some of the other crew members to help on the night or consider hiring day workers. If it’s a larger party, look at hiring outside help using catering staff or similar. Make sure everyone if briefed and understands their roles – whether it be collecting glasses or serving hors-d’oeuvres.

Keep a Guest List
Keep a detailed note of RSVPs and make sure the person greeting the guests has an up to date guest list. If guests are coming from other yachts ensure that the other Captains and crew are aware of the timings and protocol for tender runs etc. You must also think about security for your guests and consider hiring extra security personnel if needed.

Set the mood
What is the reason for the party and is there a theme? Think carefully about your décor as the smallest details can really help set the scene. Using websites like Pinterest can give you some great ideas, you may even get the crew to dress up!

Superyacht Party Music
You may already have a good idea of the type of music your guests enjoy but if in doubt consider starting the evening with some light Jazz, before moving on to something more lively later on and make sure you have playlists prepared in advance. Alternatively, you could consider hiring a musician or band or using a DJ – if you do be sure to make sure that they set up ahead of time and that they have everything they need for their equipment etc.

Food & Drink
Be sure to liaise closely with the chef when menu planning, consider serving certain foods and drinks to compliment the theme and make sure you have the correct serving dishes, plates cutlery etc.

Make the Guests Welcome
Ensure that a crew member is always on standby to warmly welcome guests onboard. Take their coats, shoes etc., and offer a drink right away. If necessary be sure to escort them to the party area, introduce them to other guests and let the principal know they have arrived.

Relax and enjoy
It’s going to be a long and busy night but if you have done the preparation everything should run smoothly. Try to relax and enjoy it, meeting your guests with a smile will put them at ease and ensure they have a great night.