How to nail your application for Superyacht Jobs and Recruitment

Searching for work on yachts and superyachts can be competitive, however there are a range of things you can do to maximise your chances of securing your desired role. Below are 4 tips to help aid your application and impress your potential employer.

Get your CV right. 

We receive hundreds of CV’s and see the same common mistakes being made.

Just like any other CV, your spelling and grammar needs to be correct throughout. Your CV is your potential employers introduction to your ability and not only does correct spelling and grammar show your communication and writing capability, it also displays your attention to detail; something that is valued in any role. Make sure you double check your spelling and grammar before sending your CV to prospective employers or Crew Agents, and if available, you may choose to ask someone close to you check over it for any errors that you may have missed.

It is common for yacht crew applications to require an image of yourself attached to the CV, you need to make this stand out. Try to incorporate some of your personality into the image but at the same time keep it professional. Stay away from selfies and photos from a night out, and choose one that encompasses the image you want to portray.

Why not download our CV template to help you to construct the perfect CV?

First impressions are key.

Whether your initial interview is in person or over the phone, you need to leave a positive impression with the interviewer. Remember to speak clearly and to not interrupt, regardless of how enthusiastic you wish to come across.

Due to the client facing nature of most yacht crew roles your appearance is key. The yacht owner/ employer will want to see that you can conduct yourself and your appearance in a respectable and approachable way. It goes without saying that you want to produce the best version of yourself for the interview intellectually, socially and visibly.

Know your stuff. 

We feel most comfortable talking about something that we know about. Prior research into the yacht and/or the ins and outs of the role can be invaluable in an interview and really set you apart from candidates. This knowledge will also make it easier to talk more naturally and confidently with the employer, rather than potentially being put on the spot and going into a state of panic.

Ask sensible questions. 

Asking the right questions can show an interviewer how informed and enthusiastic you are about the role. It can really take your interview from coming across as someone just wanting a job, into someone fully invested and willing to learn more about the industry. Do not make your first questions about salary, or even mention it at all during the first interview, unless you feel it is appropriate.

Hopefully these tips will help you to secure your desired role and impress your potential employer. For more yacht crew careers information, be sure to visit our Yacht Careers Advice page offering advice and FAQ’s from other yacht crew candidates. At wilsonhalligan, we actively encourage new crew into the yachting industry, for their own benefit and for the continued progression of the yacht world in general. Good luck!