How to Keep Your Mind and Body Together During the Season

Working on Superyachts may look glamorous, but in reality it involves a lot of hard work, which is why it’s essential that you keep your mind and body healthy, especially during busy seasons.

Yacht crew members work long hours and deal with the endless (and sometimes insane) demands of charter guests and owners, all while remaining positive and readily available to fulfil every client need.

Despite the constant demands and little to no time off during busy seasons, working as a yacht crew member is an incredibly rewarding career full of enriching experiences.


Yacht Crew Members Guide to a Healthy Mind and Body

It’s essential that crew members take good care of their mental and physical wellbeing.

There are many methods of self-care, we recommended relaxing at a beach club, but if time doesn’t allow, here are some other helpful ways you can nurture your mental health:


Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and daily meditation are a simple way to improve how you’re feeling, both emotionally and in your perception of the world.

These methods help with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, stress, awareness, and increased immune function.

Just ten minutes a day can make a huge difference. With apps like AuraCalm and Headspace available, you can access guided meditations that are as short as three minutes, so all you need is somewhere quiet!


A Good Night Sleep

We understand that guests can stay up pretty late, which means it’s unlikely that you’ll get your full 8-hours every night.

While this is out of your control, you can control the quality of sleep you get. Discover our tips for maximising your sleep efficiency:

  • Cut out caffeine! Studies show that caffeine consumption will impact your sleep up to 6-hours before you go to bed. A cut-off time of 2pm is recommended, and a limit of four cups per day.
  • Don’t drink! When on duty it’s unlikely that you’ll be drinking, but if you are offered a drink or have a night off, remember that alcohol is the worst disruptor of your sleep cycle. You fall asleep quicker, but the quality of sleep is poor, so you will feel like you’ve been run over the next day. Try and leave a good couple of hours at least between a drink and bed, and don’t overdo it!
  • Reduce your screen time! The blue light omitted by screens – phones, tablets, and computers play havoc with your tired brain and reduce its natural melatonin production, making it hard for you to fall and stay asleep. At least an hour of no screens before you turn in.
  • Similarly, don’t have any electrical displays on. Even things like the green light from your laptop charger can really disrupt your shuteye. Use an eye mask if you have to, and ear plugs if your cabin mate snores!


Eat Well

Diet and hydration play a huge part in your self-care routine, eating healthily and drinking plenty of water are essential to keeping your body functioning properly.

Although being cooked for by chefs is a wonderful luxury, remember to get your fill of fresh fruit and veg, lean protein, and complex carbs.

Avoid snacking on high-salt and sugary foods, instead opt for probiotics, multi-vitamins and mineral supplements.

Dehydration can give you a nasty headache and make very ill. Working in hot climates, it’s essential that you drink plenty of water, men should be getting at least 3-litres a day, and women 2.5-litres.



It can be hard to achieve a good exercise routine during the season, generally the physical work involved in each role is often the only exercise you get.

However, some daily exercise each day can really help your mental health. If possible, find a space where you can do some stretches, yoga, Pilates, or sit-ups and weights.

There are many apps and video offering short work outs and routines that don’t involve equipment.


Two more things that will help:

  • Essential oils – read up about which ones are good for relaxation, anxiety, and sleep. You can diffuse them, wear them or just smell them when you’re feeling wound up.
  • Having a good friend. Having someone you trust and can talk to is so important, if you’re tired, emotional and feeling low, a shoulder to cry on can make all the difference.


Remember to Take Care of Yourself

Nurturing your mind and body requires discipline, but it’s worth it when you can enjoy your time off, rather than spending it in bed feeling like death, only to feel human again just in time for the next charter.

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