How to Become A Housekeeper on a Superyacht – Experience & Requirements

Housekeeping on yachts and superyachts is a fantastic role to enter into whether you have lots, little or no experience. We have seen many successful candidates enter this role and work their way up to head of house or simply use the role as an entry position into the industry who have then gone onto becoming a Chief Stewardess for example. If you are looking at entering this career pathway, read on to discover what experience is beneficial and the requirements needed to be successful.

Experience to Become a Housekeeper on a Yacht
Of course it is always advantageous to have previous relevant experience in hospitality to join yachting, for example, working in high-end restaurants as a waitress, working in various areas of hotels i.e. the restaurant and housekeeping but you can also enter as a green stewardess without any hospitality experience whatsoever.

However, working in Housekeeping in boutique hotels and high-end (chain) hotels will put you in good stead to gain a good housekeeping position on board a reputable yacht.

Depending on the size of yacht, and previous experience, as an entry level stewardess, housekeeping is generally the area you will start off, especially for someone who hasn’t any hospitality experience. This is because housekeeping is an area that can be taught to a green stewardess, which doesn’t necessarily put them under pressure with guests straight away. They can practice making beds time and time again before guests arrive.

Requirements for Housekeeping

Housekeepers need a strong eye for detail, keeping a look out for finger prints, watermarks, smears, dust etc. You need to be meticulous and take pride in your work to ensure every bed and cabin looks like is has come straight out of a catalogue. As well as looking after guest rooms, housekeeping also includes looking after different ‘public’ areas of a yacht. These include guest corridors, guest’s day beds and crew areas etc.

It is important to be trained in the correct use of products and chemicals for each and every surface to make sure there is no damage made to the expensive materials.

Although there is less guest interaction in housekeeping, guest satisfaction still plays a very important role. To the guests staying on board, when the crew pays attention to the finer details, it really makes an impact. For e.g. noticing how they sleep at night (how many pillows, how many covers, blankets), if they are eating the turn down of fruit/chocolates, what type of water they drink and preparing the cabin in this personal way the next night can leave a lasting impression.

Progressions available within Housekeeping
There is great career advancement in housekeeping on yachts. From Junior Housekeeper, to lead Housekeeper, to Head of House. We know many pursers who have come from a housekeeping and service background as they have learnt the same managerial skills needed while a purser actually has nothing to do with service.