How Real is Below Deck?

When it comes to pure entertainment and drama, Below Deck is one of the most watched reality shows with its exotic locations, luxurious mega yachts, difficult charter guests and often, questionable relationships. But how much of it is scripted?

As it turns out, most of the jaw-dropping scenes in the show are entirely unscripted. While some conversations can be prompted, some shots cleverly edited, and some interview bites that pop in at the perfect moment, the producers claim that some surreal scenes are so intense that the entire crew need to re-route their plans to accommodate the situation.

Another thing that comes to mind when we watch the show is “are these charter guests paid actors?” Interestingly, even a charter guest has commented on the authenticity of the show by writing a blog about her experience onboard.

And if you ever wonder if the crew onboard are real life yachties – the answer is yes, the crew behind the popular show are all certified maritime workers with most still currently working in the yachting industry.

So, is Below Deck authentic?

As we have now established that the show is an unscripted reality show following yacht crew, this doesn’t mean that it’s an accurate depiction of a yachtie’s real life.

The life of a yachtie as portrayed on the show is a bit different than what a yacht crew experiences in real life. The Below Deck series is focused on the drama, whether it be partying too hard after a busy charter or catching feelings too quickly. The yachties onboard definitely know how to keep things amped up and entertaining that they make the idea of working on a multimillion-dollar boat appealing. However, the yachting reality series isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. According to the crew, it’s not even the same as working on a yacht in real life. Yachting is a job as with any other industry.

What can I take from the show?

While the series has brought awareness of the industry in recent years, it is important to remember when considering joining the industry that this is heightened reality for entertainment purposes so is not a true reflection of the industry.

We are finding more and more junior crew claiming they are looking for charter positions when starting out in the industry as they would like to earn tips like the show. However, you should not expect to enter the industry in a charter position as this is an extremely demanding role requiring industry experience to deal with the pressure.

While it is argued it isn’t a true representation, the show is great for setting the scene and learning yachtie language. Above all, it has brought light of the industry to so many aspiring crew which we have seen first hand. If you are interested in joining the industry and have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch.