Galley Gang Workshops October 2018

Looking to freshen up some of your galley skills? As the summer season is drawing to a close we’ve caught up with The Galley Gang to hear about their exciting new workshop which they are running in Antibes in October.

The Galley Gang is an informal group of private and yacht chefs who get together to share inspiration, tips and tricks, making life in the kitchen a bit more enjoyable. They’re a friendly, positive and sociable bunch that started hanging out in Antigua and had some amazing villa-workshops, learning about new food culture and generally getting a bit of inspiration outside the galley. Since then the Galley Gang run workshops a couple of times a year, topping up on skills, bouncing ideas off one another and keeping up to date with current food trends.

Yacht Chef workshop Antibes – Monday 15th October – Friday 19th October 2018:

The Galley Gang are once again hosting some of the world’s best chefs to lead workshops in a variety of topics such as Japanese / Sushi, Plating and Presentation / Chocolate and Patisserie / Butchery / Seafood and Food Photography.

Keep up to date with current food trends and techniques in a chance to rub alongside fellow yacht chefs after a busy season – giving you the chance to bounce ideas.

Monday 15th October
Butchery / Plating and Presentation

The butchers at Boucherie Fabre, one of the best meat provisioners in the South of France, will be leading a morning specialising in rare meats

Tuesday and Wednesday 16/17th October
Chocolate / Patisserie / Desserts

We’re delighted to have Chef Martin Chiffers join us for 2 intensive days of all things sweet

Thursday and Friday 18/19th October
Japanese and Sushi

2 days of practical and hands-on sushi, seafood and all things Japanese. We’ve invited the chefs from Sushi-School – an international college who train professional chefs

The fee per student for the week is €1200 (equivalent to €240 per day) or €1100 if booked before 20th September.