From shore to ship…what to do when you have landed your first off-shore job

You have just received the call you have been waiting for: ‘we would like to offer you the position to start on board next week’. You can’t quite believe it when you put the phone down – after waiting for what feels like an eternity, you have finally secured a permanent dream job. You feel excited…then nervous…then excited…then anxious. What should I take? What will it be like? What will the crew be like?
Stay calm, and read our six things to do when you land your first yacht job.

1. Get yourself prepared mentally for your first off-shore job
This may be your first full-time job, or you may be coming from an office job ashore. Understand that yacht work is rewarding. But, the standard and pace is very different. No more guaranteed weekends or set hours (though the odd day off here and there will suddenly become so valuable).

2. Be welcoming to your new on-board family
You will be living and working with them for long hours and days. As a general rule of thumb, treat them how you wish to be treated. You may not be everyone’s best friend, but try to get along, and remember the little things like saying please and thank you. People like to feel appreciated.

3. Get your finances in order before you set off
This is definitely one to get sorted ASAP, before you leave if possible. It’s easy to keep putting it off, but getting your bank account set up correctly to start with and in the right currency is essential. This way you can start your new role knowing that you are doing the best with the hard earned money you are making. If you aren’t sure where to start Oliver Maher fromUnited Advisers Marine is happy to walk you through the process. Get in touch for a free financial planning appointment.

4. Pack a survival kit for life off-shore!
Think about what you will miss most being away and don’t forget to take the essentials such as your laptop and mobile phone. Think about other things that may be useful, but small, such as a small portable speaker.

5. Go shopping for essentials.
It’s best not to over-pack; you will be limited on space in your cabin. If you don’t have one, get yourself a soft bag to pack your belongings in. No one wants your huge suitcase taking up valuable storage space on board! Make sure you have some smart off-duty clothes, and if you are working outside, a decent pair of sunglasses will be worth the money. A good UV protectant is great and polarised is even better.

6. Celebrate!
This is a tough industry that is filled with opportunity. Whilst you will be working hard, you will also be meeting great people and experiencing incredible new places. Make the most of everything that is presented to you, you never know where this industry could take you…