Flowers for Superyachts

Looking for the most beautiful flowers for Yachts? Gabriella has been dealing with flowers for the most prestigious Superyachts that are berthed in ports around the world for many years. She began her career when she was a teenager and has been supplying and arranging flowers for yachts since 1990, building an enviable reputation along the way.

Gabi designs classic, natural or modern arrangements, depending on the yachts request, using the very best quality flowers for incredible displays that have to last throughout the charter if necessary. Flowers are locally sourced from Italy and France, or from Holland and also imported tropical varieties, for the best use for the interior rooms or for the outside sun and beachdecks.

Of course she also supplies plants or trees for outside and for the interior of the yacht, and specialises in Phaleonopsis Orchids, that she arranges in glass vases or designer containers. After receiving an order Gabi will collect all the vases and containers from the yacht and after arranging the displays in her laboratory, the plants or flowers are ready to be delivered to the yacht. Sometimes at the request of the yacht, Gabi will work on board.

She is able to handle last minute orders, from her large laboratory in the Min Market, Nice, close to Nice Airport. Deliveries can be sent to all the Mediterranean ports, plus the islands in the Mediterranean.

Not only does she create flowers for Yachts, she also supplies flowers for Villas & Events. We teamed up with Gabriella at Monaco Yacht Show this year to dress The Lounge for wilsonhalligan and partners. She also holds flower arranging classes. So if you are a Yacht Stew or just fancy learning a new talent then this is definitely worth considering.

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