Being a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher or Spa Therapist in the Superyacht Industry

Just imagine…

Yoga on the Sundeck cruising through the Caribbean, providing a massage on the port side balcony in St Tropez, or a gym session overlooking the British Virgin Islands for the Owner of a luxury Motor Yacht.

These are a few of the wonderful opportunities that exist for those with additional skills in the Yachting World.  Add these experiences to the excellent starting salary of approximately €2500-3000/month and no rent or bills to pay and it really is an attractive career path to take.

In recent years wellness on board for both owners and crew has never been more important. Having recognised the positive benefits that exercise has, a number of boats now have dedicated crew gyms with many using them on their days off or as a place to unwind after a busy day.

Owner requirements have also extended with it now not being uncommon to find personal trainers, massage/ beauty therapist and yoga instructor trained crew who use their expertise whilst the owner is on board. The team at Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors, who specialise in gym design & luxury wellness spaces for superyachts and prime property, told us that they too have noticed these changes, with many more asking for advice on treatments and specialised equipment. They also noted that there has never been a better time to enter the yachting industry with these qualifications as they are still relatively new skills that will definitely give your CV the edge.

So how do you get into this industry and what qualifications do you need to have?

Most Yacht owners/guests have very high expectations, we would look for individuals with adequate gym experience and a minimum, recent Level 3 in Personal Training Certification is required. For Yoga Instructors your 200hr certification is sufficient and Beauty Therapists usually require an NVQ Level 3 with a range of massage skills, nail care and facial techniques. With the yachting industry being incredibly competitive, having something extra to offer guests will help your CV to stand out.

You are of course predominantly working as a Steward(ess) or Deckhand, therefore, you will have to obtain your minimum Maritime Qualifications such as your STCW and Eng1 Medical Certification (please see our ‘How To guides’ or ‘Do you have the skills’ blogs for more information on these qualifications).

What to Expect?

Having been around over ten years, Wilsonhalligan are well aware of the current market demands of PT’s, Yoga Instructors and Beauty Therapists, plus our consultants are ex-yachties who understand first-hand having had previous Masseuse/PT experience. Your days will vary depending on how much the guests like to use your additional services. When not working as a Trainer, you will be working in your chosen field of either a Deckhand or Steward (ess), which will take up the bulk of your time on board. Unlike Cruise Ships, you are not solely employed as a Trainer and it is important to remember this when choosing to enter the industry. You will, however, be working in some of the world’s most beautiful places, getting to do something you love and getting paid an excellent salary.

Where to go from here?

If you feel the yachting industry is for you, please register your details with us here,, and one of our consultants will be in touch to answer any further questions you might have. We pride ourselves on finding the best jobs for the best crew and would be happy to help with your career opportunities.


A huge thank you to Gym Marine for sharing their expertise with us for this article! To see their extensive range of luxury interiors and gym designs head over their website